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Tehreek-e-Insaf to Stage Protest Demonstrations in Islamabad

PTI to Stage Protest Demonstrations in Islamabad Tehreek e Insaf to Stage Protest Demonstrations in Islamabad
The Central Executive Committee of the PTI that met at the party’s Central Secretariat in Islamabad today has decided to hold a series of protest demonstrations in Islamabad as part of its “Hakumat Hatao Mulk Bachao” movement.

Announcing the decisions of the CEC, the party Chairman Imran Khan stated that a public meeting would be held in Faisalabad on July 24 followed by a series of protest demonstrations in Islamabad. He said the series of weekend Dharna’s would be held in front of Parliament House in Islamabad in the last week of July and during Ramadan. The exact dates of the Islamabad dharna’s would be announced soon.

The PTI Chairman condemned the government for letting loose a reign of terror in Karachi. He said the situation in Karachi is reminiscent of a civil war where killers of innocent citizens are roaming the streets of Karachi with impunity. The writ of the government has all but collapsed.

The PTI Chief said that the PTI’s consistent demand of mid-term polls under a neutral caretaker government, independent election commission, and new electoral rolls is the only democratic way forward.

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan stressed that the present NRO manufactured government is destroying vital state institutions and causing irreparable damage to the economy. He said the PML(N) and the PPP are both responsible for the present mess in the country. He said those who provided support to the government in the last 3 and half years cannot suddenly become the saviors of the country. The grand alliance initiative of the PML(N) is a grand fraud alliance. If the PML(N) is serious about removing the government, it should resign from Parliament and the Punjab Government.

Imran Khan reiterated that free and fair elections under a caretaker government set up by the President who is also the Co-Chairman of the PPP is only wishful thinking. He said the massive rigging in the AJK elections and a number of bye elections is proof that the general elections under a PPP caretaker government cannot be free and fair. To save the country from bloodshed which would be an inevitable consequence of rigged elections, the PTI intends to intensify its remove the government campaign and expects the Supreme Court to take decisive action to remove the present destructive government and install a truly neutral care taker set up. He said the PM and President should he held in contempt of court for obstructing the implementation of Supreme Court judgments. He said only a neutral care taker government set up with the blessings of the Supreme Court can hold free and fair elections under an independent election commission and transparent Nadra based electoral rolls.

The PTI Chief lauded the Chief Justice of Pakistan for his historic decision to remove the bogus votes and register almost 37 million new voters by December 2011. He said the PTI would mobilize the youth in each constitutuency to register their votes.

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