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Tehreek e Insaf to restore peace in KPK, FATA if comes to power: Imran Khan

Imran Khan in Swat 300x198 Tehreek e Insaf to restore peace in KPK, FATA if comes to power: Imran Khan

Speaking at jam-packed public gathering here, Imran Khan vowed that after being voted into power in a few weeks time, the PTI’s government would be formed in Pakistan, as the party was all-set to clean sweep in the forthcoming polls with the support of the masses. The PTI Chairman said that he was dubbed as ‘Taliban Khan’ when he stressed the ruling junta not to surrender before the US pressure for joining the war on terror.

However, he said, that irony was that the forces which were strongly opposing talks with the Taliban were now staunchly calling for dialogue to misuse talks process to save their skins. Expressing his disappointment over spate of violence, Imran Khan said that despite rendering matchless sacrifices by the people of Swat and FATA, the dream of peace had yet to come true, adding that PTI was in favor of talks from the day first rather than resorting to military operation to appease the US masters. He said that people of FATA had rendered untold sacrifices for Pakistan, and people of the FATA were his real strength, vowing that PTI would bring peace to the restive areas of the country including FATA after coming into power.

Talking about the tickets’ distribution process by his party, Imran Khan maintained that he himself would distribute tickets among the potential and deserving candidates, so that justice could be done with all, as he said that PTI could not be defeated by any political party, but of awarding tickets to undeserving and wrong people.

Reiterating his promise made with youth, Imran Khan said that 25% tickets would be awarded to youth under the age of 35, because the youth were the real strength of the party, who wanted to make a ‘New Pakistan’.

Commenting on the education system in the country, Khan said a uniform curriculum would be introduced for rich and the poor in the country and Rs 2,500 billion would be spent on the education sector.

Imran Khan said that the PTI was the only democratic party of the county which held intra-party elections, and it had the solution for all miseries of the country, whereas the rest of the parties were dynastic and family-limited parties, which never conducted intra-party elections and hence were responsible for all the mess-up.

The PTI Chief vowed that if he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he would leave no stone unturned to restore honour and respect of Pakistanis across the globe, adding that he would not carry the begging bowl for Pakistan and rather he would make Pakistan a state where people would come from abroad in search of jobs and employment. “After a few weeks there would be PTI’s government in the country, where no one whosoever will be allowed to commit injustice with anyone and even the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers will not have discretionary funds, as there would be zero tolerance for cruelty and injustice,” he vowed.

Imran Khan said that the PTI would increase education fund five times, as education was the agenda number one of the party, vowing that the police would be reformed, as the force was misused in the past but this practice would not be allowed in the PTI government. He vowed that the PTI would reorganise the police force on the pattren of motorway police to quell vioence across the country.  “The PTI would put an end on the culture of political bribery and the nation money would not be spent on constructing sky-rising palaces instead it would be used for building universities, hospitals and playgrounds of international standard,” he added.

He said that police personnel deputed for Nawaz Sharif’s family was more than that of security for American President. Imran Khan said that the way he had proved true his wish to become the world’s best all-rounder and got Pakistani cricket team to the world’s top team, he would prove his dream true with the peoples’ support to become next Prime Minister of the country.

Reiterating his promises, Imran Khan said that he would never speak

lies come what may and he would not leave the people in the lurch as was done by Nawaz Sharif by flying to Saudi Arabia under a deal. “Tax evaders and plunderers of nation kitty would not be spared and would be made an example,” he stressed.

Imran Khan expressed optimisms that the people would not leave him alone in this battle for noble cause, vowing that he would make the dream of ‘New Pakistan’ a reality with their support.

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