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Samaa denies sacking Mehar Bukhari

Mehar Bukahri Samaa denies sacking Mehar Bukhari

Mehar Bukahri

LAHORE – Samaa Television authorities have denied sacking TV anchor Mehar Bukhari. A Samaa TV official said Mehar Bukhari has gone on leave. Mehar Bukhari, known for her outspoken views, has not been hosting program “News Beat” for last three days, whereas Samaa TV employees have confirmed that Mehar Bukhari is no longer attached with Samaa. (Pakistan Today)

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9 Responses to Samaa denies sacking Mehar Bukhari

  1. raja mukhtar says:

    News beat pro. would die soon without her. Specially the way present hostess is weeping on the screen. Samaa should resist to pressure of evil forces to keep their channel and news beat alive and at good rating.

  2. Mehar Bukhari was a pearl for Samma TV. Samma TV has become famous and most watching channel due to great Mehar Bukhari. We left to watch Samma in her absence. We request to Samma for her re-employment.

  3. RIZWAN says:


  4. rehan warraich says:

    mehr bukhari u r so nice smaa tv isfine for u you look so better .we r missing u at smaa pls come back

  5. Saeen Saraikistan Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Its me Saeen Saraikistan Khan Islamabad and one of the permanant viewer of Yours Channel but tay i was really surprised to watch Crossfire of Maha Bukhari (seems to be Punjabi Nationalisten and an agent of Punjabi Establishment) , they she has conducted the programe in fashion and resembelled the creation of Saraiki Soba with debacale of East Pakistan and also shown a glimps of Mujeebur Rehman.Which is a sorry state of affairs of Dunya News managment. The anchor person only conduct the program and never shall be a party to the issue.The program has broken the heart of Millions of Saraikis of all the four provinces and highly condem Maha Bukhari’s anti Saraikies attitude which was so bovious that we are compell to think that its the policy of Dunya TV, which has given this young lady quiet ignorant of Saraiki thousends years civilization, culture, the language it self and last but not the least the Voice of Saraiki people.

    WE hope that DTV management will take strict action agains her other we will be compell to think that its the policy of DTV.

    With Regards

    Saeen Saraikistan Khan

  6. mannan says:

    i like u bokhari geeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. mannan says:

    so cute u…bokhri

  8. mannan says:

    i like ur styl ur looking beauty ur voice. i am big fan uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

  9. mannan says:

    allways be happy.i pray 4 u.gud bye tata .

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