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Muttahida Announced 42 Names of Central Executive Council

MQM CEC 300x105 Muttahida Announced 42 Names of Central Executive CouncilMQM has announced the names of 42 Members of MQM Central Executive Council (CEC) today. Addressing huge gathered Press Conference at Lal Qilla Ground Azizabad, Deputy Convenor Dr. Farooq Sattar said that CEC also play an active role in abolishing the medieval feudal system, corrupt political culture, and elimination of dynastic politics in the light of the philosophy of Mr Altaf Hussain. Deputy Convenor Anis Qaimkhani and Members of the MQM Coordination Committee also present.


We are thankful to you for coming to attend this Press Conference. This press conference has been called to announce the names of the members of the newly formed Central Executive Council of the MQM.

Respected Journalists

You are aware of the fact that the MQM is a popular political party that believes in national solidarity, sectarian and inter-faith harmony, dignity to humanity, and serving the people. It has been working strenuously to achieve these goals for over three decades now. The MQM is the only political party that has representation from all nationalities, religious groups and different schools of thought.

The Co-ordination Committee had announced the formation of a Central Executive Council in a press conference on 27thMarch 2011 with a view to propagating the philosophy of Realism and Practicalism developed by the founder and leader of the MQM Mr Altaf Husain, and the concept of Politics for Serving the People throughout the country. Today, we are announcing the names of the members of the council.

Members of the council hail from Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. The representation of people from all nationalities, religious minorities, and people from different spheres of life has been ensured. The names of the members of the council are being provided to you separately.

The council shall not only assist the co-ordination committee in structuring of party organization, policy issues, propagation of party policies and in the preparation of the party manifesto and in holding of party programmes. The council shall hold a meeting on a quarterly basis under the co-ordination committee in order to exchange views and advising the co-ordination committee on national issues. It will also play an active role in abolishing the medieval feudal system, corrupt political culture, and elimination of dynastic politics in the light of the philosophy of Mr Altaf Hussain. It will also work for creating awareness in the public for the empowerment of poor and middle-class people of the country.

Respected Journalists

You know it very well that the MQM under the leadership of Mr Altaf Hussain has been making practical efforts to bring to an end the corrupt political and feudal system from the country that has kept the country in its menacing grip. The MQM has the distinction of having the leadership and the workers from the poor and middle class. The MQM introduced the leadership from the poor and middle class in the Senate, National Assembly, Provincial Assembly and local councils.

It is the victory of just struggle and the sagacious political outlook of Mr Altaf Hussain that even those religious and political parties are talking about elimination of corrupt feudal and political culture in the country that had been supporting this system, one way or another, in the past. The MQM is the only political party in the country that has been opposing the medieval feudal and dynastic political culture from the very beginning. Mr Altaf Hussain is the only political leader of the country without any contradiction in his sayings and actions.

Even the bitter opponents of Mr Altaf Hussain admit that he has neither taken part in any elections nor given tickets to any of his family members. The tickets have always been given to party workers, and it was proved by strictly adhering to the principles of merit that the MQM not only believes in ideals but follows them as well.

People of Pakistan admit that the MQM does not auction party tickets at the time of elections in return for millions of rupees. The MQM gave a chance to the educated and qualified workers to take part in the elections by awarding tickets purely on merit. The journey that began in Karachi University will reach its destiny and people having strong moral fibre will put the country on the path of progress and prosperity.

Respected Journalists

We congratulate the members of the Central Executive Council, the workers of the MQM, and the people on behalf of the Co-ordination Committee and Mr Altaf Hussain. We hope that the members of the council shall endeavour with sincerity and honesty for achieving the mission and objective of the party and for empowering the poor and middle class segment of the society.

We congratulate the workers of the MQM in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Fata, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir from the core of our heart for remaining steadfast in the face of negative and poisonous propaganda against the MQM.

We also pray Almighty Allah to take the country out of the challenges facing the country and put it on the path of peace, progress and prosperity.


1.       Ajmal Dehlvi                                                       Editor Daily Amn

2.       Sarfaraz Nawaz                                                 Lahore, Noted Cricketer

3.       Pir Farzand Ali Shah                                         Son of Pir of Ranipur

4.       Pir Ghulam Majaddid Sarhindi                    Sajjada Nashin Pir Sarhindi, Matiari, Sindh

5.       Hakim Khan Hathi Khel                                  Social personality of Mianwali

6.       Senator Babar Khan Ghouri                         Senator

7.       Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi                                                MNA

8.       Raja Azam Khan                                                                MLA Baltistan Legislative Assembly

9.       Nighat Zehri                                                       Social Personality

10.   Barrister Habibur Rehman                            Noted lawyer

11.   Anwer Iqbal Baloch                                         Artist

12.   Khushbakht Shujaat                                       MNA

13.   Muhammad Tahir Khokhar                          MLA Kashmir Legislative Assembly

14.   Dr Laila Perveen                                               Member MOC of MQM. Noted Social and Political
personality from Hazara.

15.   Syed Shamshad Jafri                                       Multan Social Forum

16.   Senator Tahir Mashhadi                                                Senator

17.   Senator Ahmed Ali                                          Industrialist

18.   Senator Abdul Haseeb                                   Industrialist

19.   Khawaja Sohail Mansoor                              Industrialist and MNA

20.   Wasim Akhter                                                   MNA

21.   Muhammad Adil Siddiqui                             Provincial Minister

22.   Abdur Rauf Siddiqui                                        Provincial Minister

23.   Dr Ayub Shaikh                                                 MNA

24.   Ghulam Haider Rahu                                      Former Special Assistant to CM Sindh, Nawabshah

25.   Faisal Sabzwari                                                  Provincial Minister

26.   Syed Shaheen Anwer Gillani                       In-chage MQM Lahore Zone

27.   Syed Sardar Ahmed                                        Provincial Minister

28.   Ghazi Salahuddin                                             Writer

29.   Ahmed Salim Siddiqui                                    Joint in-charge MQM Social Forum

30.   Nisar Ahmed Panhwar                                   Provincial Minister, Shikarpur

31.   Ponjomal Bheel Advocate                            Former MPA Sindh, In-charge Umarkot Zone

32.   Rasheed Khan Maseeh                                 MPA Sindh

33.   Hir Ismael Soho                                                 MPA, Thatta

34.   Dr Arshad Hussain Vohra                              Industrialist

35.   Capt. Hadi Hussain                                           Noted Social Personality, Gilgit

36.   Zahid Awan Malik                                            Journalist and In-charge Rawalpindi and Islamabad
Zone of MQM

37.   Dr Shahzad Ali Shamshi                                 Zonal Member Lahore and former advisor Punjab

38.   Bisma Asif Sukhaira                                         Member Social Forum Lahore

39.   Long Khan Channa                                           In-charge MQM Social Forum, Nawabshah

40.   Dr Noor Muhammad Shah                           Noted Social Personality, Naushahroferoze

41.   Tahira Asif                                                           Former MNA, Lahore

42.   Shahid Hassan Shahsawar Toori                 Political and Social Personality, Parachinar

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